Ian Oliver
"Operations Manager at Westfield Warrawong shopping complex Mr Ian Oliver has found the installation of a Trethewey HD200A Autobaler to be an enormous improvement in his waste management system. “The Autobaler was first installed on a trial basis and straight away we noticed an increase in the tonnage of dry waste that our waste contractor was removing. In fact since using the Autobaler we have documented an increase from approximately 9 tonnes per month of dry waste to 22 tonnes per month”, Mr Oliver said. “This is due to the fact that the Autobaler is easier for staff to use in comparison to our previous baling system. The staff now put dry waste into the baler rather than into the wet waste compactor. An added advantage is that the Autobaler is so simple to operate that even new staff are quickly familiar with its function and features and use it readily”. Reliability of the Autobaler has been excellent with only one minor problem after eleven months of constant operation. Trethewey’s had a service man on site and the baler operating within hours of notification of the problem. What was Ian Oliver’s overall impression of the Autobaler? “It’s a winner”. "