Inverell Shire
"Inverell Shire Council in Northern NSW are experiencing the benefits of ownership of a Trethewey Industries HD 200A Autobaler. The Autobaler has been incorporated in councils Material Recovery Facility (MRF) baling cardboard and paper with a volume of approximately 10 tonnes per week. Manager Environmental Services Mr Tim Russell commented that the Autobaler had been working all day every day since installation in September 1999 with only minor problems which were immediately attended to by Tretheweys. Mr Russell added that the Autobaler offered substantial savings in capital cost over other comparative equipment and required less space. There had been no staff complaints or accidents with the Autobaler as it was simple to operate. Even new or part time staff are quickly familiarised with the full automatic operation. Autobaler operator at the Council Material Recovery Facility Mr Anthony Schutz commented that the baler was safer than any other equipment he had used and that the automatic activation of the baler when the hopper was full made it perfect for filling from bins via a fork lift, this was because the operator of the fork lift did not have to dismount to start the baler. Trethewey’s have a three model range of Autobalers suitable for cardboard volumes of between 2 to 20 tonnes per week. "