ANNOUNCING: Autobaler Pallet Breaker Waste Management System

ANNOUNCING: Autobaler Pallet Breaker Waste Management System

The pallet breaker is an exclusive product and the only one of its kind on the market, with the ability to convert pallet stockpiles to an income opportunity for your clients by breaking down pallets into woodchip (30 pallets per hour without removing the nails!).

Incremental Income Opportunity

The Autobaler Pallet Breaker is an exclusive Sales and Marketing opportunity for your business that we aim to be available in June-July 2014.

Retraction of Article – Coles Reference in Autobaler Website

On Wednesday September 17th an article on the Autobaler website indicated Coles had placed an order for Waste baler units which is not the case.

This article was posted on the website in error and Autobaler apologises for any inconvenience this has or may cause to Coles.





Operation Time

Front Loading Cardboard Baler

 Open Top Loading Autobaler

Lost Time When Operating A Front Loader Time Saved When Operating an Top Loading Autobaler
  • Waiting for Compression Cycle (8-10 cycles per bale @40+ seconds per cycle)
  • Continuous Feed – No Waiting
  • Opening and Closing Door 8-10 Times Per Bale
  • No Opening or Closing of Doors
  • Modifying Larger Material to fit in Chamber Area
  • No Material Break Down Required
  • Requires Careful Material Positioning within the Chamber for Good Space Utilization and Ease of Door Closing
  • Simply Toss Material In – No Positioning Required
  • Up to 300% More Efficient

Material Types Capability

Front Loading Cardboard Baler

Open Top Loading Autobaler

  • Flattened and Sized Cardboard to fit into Chamber
  • Large Compressible Items i.e. Sulo Bins of all sizes, Buckets, Large Sacks, Large Rolls of Poly Pipe, Bumper Bars etc. Dropped Directly In
  • Limited to Chamber Size and Loading Direction
  • Auto Cycle Function Keeps Hopper Open and Free
  • Chamber Retention Issues – Material Inclined to Slide Out of Chamber
  • Door Not Open During Loading – No Issue
  • Personnel Allowed Operate Baler Restricted by Age
  • Can be Loaded by All Personnel

Loading Methods

Front Loading Cardboard Baler

Open Top Loading Autobaler

  • One Person Only at a Time


  • Open Top Can be Loaded by Multiple People Simultaneously
  • Front Loaders CAN NOT be Mechanically Loaded
  • Top Loading Autobaler CAN be Mechanically Loaded
  • Conveyor Feed
  • Bin Dumpers
  • Mechanical Loaders
  • Chutes etc.


Front Loading Cardboard Baler

Open Top Loading Autobaler

  • Material Break Down Injuries from Knives etc.
  • No Material Break Down Required
  • Age Restriction When Physically Operating Baler
  • No Physical Contact with Baler When Loading – NO Age Restrictions
  • Strain Injury Risk from Pushing and Fitting Materials
  • Toss in Material with Minimal Injury Risk
  • Door or Door Latch Pinch Injury
  • Minimised Risk Due to Fewer Door Opening and Closings
  • Category 3 Safety System
  • Meets All Relevant National and International Safety Requirements
  • National Approved Safety Registration
  • ISO 9001 Construction Registration Company

Customer Support and Comfort

Front Loading Cardboard Baler

Open Top Loading Autobaler

  • Standard 3-5 Year Structural Warranty
  • Up to 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty
  • National Same Day Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


Front Loading Cardboard Baler

Open Top Loading Autobaler

  • Designed and Manufactured In-House so Autobaler can be Customized to Your Requirements


Advantages of Waste Balers

What are the advantages of using Waste Baler?


How to Turn a Liability into an Asset


There are many benefits to baling your recycling versus having material hauled away “loose”. “Loose” is a general term which includes waste in skip bins. “Baled” Material is material that is compacted in a baler, and tied using string, strapping or wire. Cardboard and plastic are the most common materials to be baled. The following is a list of common benefits of baling.

  1. Baled material is a source of revenue, many recycling companies will PAY YOU for your baled cardboard.
  2. Loose material is often an overall cost as you pay for it to be removed and for skip bin hire.
  3. Balers can reduce labour costs.
  4. Baled material reduces any possible fire hazard.
  5. Baled material reduces trip hazards.
  6. Balers significantly cheaper than Waste Compactors.
  7. Shipping baled material uses much less fuel, shipping loose materials requires the use of a garbage truck that will have to make several trips to a recycling centre while a baler eliminates the trips and material is shipped in greater volume.
  8. Baling Material allows you to track your recycling progress; you can only estimate loose quantities that are recycled.
  9. Baling creates clean recycling goods that will be recycled, loose recycling bins often become contaminated easily and a small amount of contaminate can make a load of recycling become rubbish.
  10. Sustainability!
  11. Balers take up less space than a full sized waste compactor.
  12. Balers improve recycling output, especially when balers are placed indoors.

Baling Myths:

  • Balers are Dangerous!

Balers are very safe. Models that are 20 to 30 years old, are sometimes not as safe and have negative reports tied to them. All new Trethewey balers are standard with many safety devices as well as safety systems that prevent operators from overriding safety devices. Trethewey Autobalers are all fitted to a Category 3 safety standard. Our top loading balers can now be fitted with a safety gate. Safer than a forklift or lift truck. Regular maintenance ensures that a baler is working properly and safely.

  • Do you need to store a “truckload” of bales before they can be picked up?

No, Most customers have bale pickups when they have less that 12 bales – storage space that takes up about one standard size parking space.

  • Does Baling increase labour?

No, it takes time to handle your waste. Baling takes up less time than throwing material away in a skip bin especially if you have to flatten all of your boxes. Using a front loading baler over manually flattening and stacking boxes produces a labour saving of 50%. Using an open top baler reduces the labour cost by 300% over a front loading waste baler.

  • Tying a bale is time consuming?

Tying a bale takes, on average, only 3 minutes, 8 minutes for someone new. Not 30 Minutes as some people believe.


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Autobaler: Waste Management Compact Solutions

Autobaler gets a logo upgrade

The Autobaler logo has undergone a slight face lift with a more modern colour palate and modernised logo. The team at Giant Media have done a great job with some marketing material for us along with this great new website. So again thanks Giant Media.

Benefits of Compacting Waste

Compacting waste is the aim of every progressive industry

Here at Autobaler we are all about leaving the smallest footprint possible in sometimes a messy commercial industries, we really try and offer innovative compacting waste management solutions. With such a wide ranges of waste we can compact such as cardboard, plastics, paper, shrink wrap, PET, cans, general waste, rags, plastic drums, metal drums, tyres, glass, bottles, bumper bars, mattresses, plastic pipe and bulka bags just to get started.

  • Discourages Scavengers
  • Saves Labor
  • Reduces Collection Costs
  • Reduces Insect/Rodent Problems
  • Prevents Windblown Rubbish
  • Reduces Fire Hazard
  • Controls Odor
  • Saves Inside Storage Space and Outside Parking Spaces
  • Fewer Cleanup Problems… when waste is neatly baled there are fewer complaints of messy bin areas


What is Autobaler?

Automatic Balers are a unique waste compacting machine featuring an open top system to facilitate loading of the baler with materials. Autobalers Automatic Balers offer considerable time savings when compared with most other waste baler types. The time to compact waste is reduced as there are no doors to open and close each time materials are deposited. The Autobaler, Automatic Baler can be loaded during any part of its cycle path. The Autobaler is equipped with an infra-red sensor eye which creates a cycle motion whenever material breaks the infra-red beam path.

Autobalers are an extremely safe machine reducing many of the common injuries associated with conventional balers such as strain injuries from pushing and forcing of materials into fixed sized areas. Many injuries also occur due to material breakdown with knives and other injury creating devices. AUTOBALER , Automatic Baler REQUIRES NO MATERIAL BREAKDOWN.

Autobalers are an extremely versatile machine being able to compact a large range of materials i.e.: paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber tyres, rags and most otherwise compactable materials. Autobalers come in a ten model capacity range from 80 to 500+ kg to best suit particular customer requirements. Autobalers are a quality machine offering unparalleled safety, amazing efficiency and huge labour savings.

Trethewey Industries have vast experience in the manufacture of quality baling machines, having produced in excess of 500 agricultural baling machines. Trethewey’s developed the Autobaler for commercial use, in particular to be used in Supermarkets and Recyclers. Trethewey Industries are situated on the New England Hwy at Deepwater NSW. Trethewey Industries location is ideal for servicing our national markets.

Trethewey Industries focus is to develop machines which totally satisfy customer requirements in performance, quality, service, economy and safety. Autobalers were developed to give the maximum efficiency and safety possible. Autobalers are designed for loose materials and are not recommended for solid materials (i.e. hard wooden or metallic objects) as these may cause machine damage. The manufacturers are happy to assess your needs and make recommendations and give assurances on the type of baler which will best suit your requirements. Autobalers are built to comply with the highest national and international standards.

New Website is Live

Hey everyone, the new Autobaler website is live and ready for use! Thanks to all the staff at Giant Media for the new design!

"Its great! It saves me time and keeps everything tidy. It’s a very good investment, I like advanced technology and up-to-date quality equipment. I don’t want a headache and would rather spend my money wisely. IT’S A GREAT INVESTMENT. "...