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Front Loading Cardboard Baler V. Open Top Loading Autobaler

                                   FRONT LOADING BALER VS OPEN TOP LOADING AUTOBALER



Front Loading Baler

Open Top Loading Autobaler


                                                     Operation Time                                  

 Lost Time When Operating A Front Loader  Time Saved When Operating an Top Loading Autobaler
  •  Waiting for Compression Cycle (8-10 cycles per bale @40+ seconds per cycle)
  •  Continuous Feed – No Waiting
  •  Opening and Closing Door 8-10 Times Per Bale
  •  No Opening or Closing of Doors
  •  Modifying Larger Material to fit in Chamber Area
  •  No Material Break Down Required
  •  Requires Careful Material Positioning within the Chamber for Good Space Utilization and Ease of Door Closing
  •  Simply Toss Material In – No Positioning Required
  •  Up to 300% More Efficient

                                              Material Types Capability

  • Flattened and Sized Cardboard to fit into Chamber
  •  Large Compressible Items i.e. Sulo Bins of all sizes, Buckets, Large Sacks, Large Rolls of Poly Pipe, Bumper Bars etc. Dropped Directly In
  •  Limited to Chamber Size and Loading Direction
  •  Auto Cycle Function Keeps Hopper Open and Free
  •  Chamber Retention Issues – Material Inclined to Slide Out of Chamber
  •  Door Not Open During Loading – No Issue
  •  Personnel Allowed Operate Baler Restricted by Age
  •  Can be Loaded by All Personnel

                                                    Loading Methods

  • One Person Only  at a Time


  •  Open Top Can be Loaded by Multiple People Simultaneously
  •  Front Loaders CAN NOT be Mechanically Loaded
  • Top Loading Autobaler CAN be Mechanically Loaded
  •  Conveyor Feed
  • Bin Dumpers
  • Mechanical Loaders
  • Chutes etc.


  • Material Break Down Injuries from Knives etc.
  •  No Material Break Down Required
  •  Age Restriction When Physically Operating Baler
  •  No Physical Contact with Baler When Loading – NO Age Restrictions
  •  Strain Injury Risk from Pushing and Fitting Materials
  •  Toss in Material with Minimal Injury Risk
  •  Door or Door Latch Pinch Injury
  •  Minimised Risk Due to Fewer Door Opening and Closings
  • Category 3 Safety System
  • Meets All Relevant National and International Safety Requirements
  • National Approved Safety Registration
  • ISO 9001 Construction Registration Company

                                 Customer Support and Comfort

  • Standard 3-5 Year Structural Warranty
  • Up to 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty
  • National Same Day Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Designed and Manufactured In-House so Autobaler can be Customized to Your Requirements