Cardboard and Paper Baler – Ti 100 Combo

Cardboard and Paper Baler – Ti 100 Combo

Cardboard and Paper Baler Waste Management Compact Solution

Open Top Autobalers offer enormous labour and safety benefits over conventional vertical type balers. Open Top Autobalers are manufactured in 100—500kg bale capacities. To facilitate the paper and plastic dual stream requirements of so many of our customers Autobalers come with a dual stream option.

This optimal cardboard and paper baler is perfect for every type of commercial and industrial purpose, from supermarkets, print industries, recycle yards and basically anyone who needs solutions to waste management problems. We stand behnd the product we sell and believe we have the best baler products on the market.

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    Product Uses



    Shrink Wrap

    Features & Benifits

    • Open top loading main chamber for continuous feed
    • No material breakdown required
    • Dual chamber
    • Australian designed & manufactured
    • Up to 5 year warranties (conditions apply)
    • Compliant with all National & International safety requirements
    • Category 3 safety system
    • Quality Assurance certified
    • 24/7 nationwide sales & service
    • Rent / Lease / Buy
    • Customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Huge labour cost reduction
    • Easy to operate
    • Open top balers are 40-50% more efficient than conventional vertical balers
    • Baler purchase includes initial twine supply, twine safety cutter, bale transport & removal trolley, Operation Manual & Service booklet

    Product Specifications

    Bale Weight:Main 100-140kg | Small 50kg Bale Size(mm):Main 750x750x1000mm | Small 250x530x600mm Cycle Time:100 model 30 seconds Unit Weight:1050kg Plug Required:20amp 4pin Clipsal compatible Height(mm):2050mm Width(mm):1950mm Depth(mm):900mm Baler Capacity:2 bales per hour Compation Force:100 model 6000kg

    Optional Accessories Include

    • Tie options include twine with 240kg breaking strain, wire or metal strap
    • Optional anti-rebound fingers for heavier & quicker baling option available on our open top range
    • Optional false floor for smaller bales