Wet Waste Baler – HK100 – 3 stream PET Waste Baler

Wet Waste Baler – HK100 – 3 stream PET Waste Baler

Do you have multiple waste streams including waste that needs to be bagged?

Think that you need multiple balers to meet you needs?

The solution – HK100 the wet waste baler.

New to the Autobaler range the wet waste baler – HK100 is a dual chamber, 3 stream waste compacting machine.

HK100 has two chambers. The larger chamber will bale 70 to 80 kg of waste. A liner can be placed in the smaller chamber enabling it to be used for either waste the needs to be contained e.g. wet waste or security waste  or standard waste e.g. plastic.

This waste baler is a great solution for the food industry. The main chamber is able to be used as a cardboard baler and the smaller chamber for either plastic or wet waste or food waste.

If you are shredding confidential documents this waste baler may be the answer. Shredded documents maybe baled in the small chamber with cardboard and other waste being baled in the main chamber.


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    Product Uses




    Features & Benifits

    Customer Benefits & Product Features

    • Dual chamber - independent operation
    • 3 waste stream capacity -Cardboard & paper, plastic & shrink wrap and wet &/or contaminated waste
    • Quick fit liner system for secure wet waste or confidential document containment
    • Low height compact design
    • Australian designed & manufactured
    • Up to 5 year warranties (conditions apply)
    • Compliant with all National & International safety requirements
    • Category 3 safety system
    • Quality Assurance certified
    • 24/7 nationwide sales & service
    • Rent / Lease / Buy
    • Customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Huge labour cost reduction
    • Easy to operate
    • Baler purchase includes initial twine supply, twine safety cutter, bale transport & removal trolley, Operation Manual & Service booklet

    Product Specifications

    Bale Weight: Cardboard 70-80kg | Plastic 40kg | Putrescible waste 50kg Bale Size(mm):Main 900x800x550mm | Small 900x400x550mm Cycle Time: Main 28 seconds | Small 22 seconds Unit Weight:531kg Thrust Load:6000kg Plug Required:20amp 5pin Clipsal compatible Height(mm):2310mm Width(mm):1350mm Depth(mm):725mm Transport Height:2060mm Baler Capacity:2 bales per minute Chamber size: Main 800x550mm | Small 400x550mm Compaction force :Main 5000kg | Small 2500kg

    Optional Accessories Include

    • Tie options include twine with 240kg breaking strain, wire or metal strap
    • Optional false floor for smaller bales