What is Autobaler?

02 Apr 2014

What is Autobaler?

Automatic Balers are a unique waste compacting machine featuring an open top system to facilitate loading of the baler with materials. Autobalers Automatic Balers offer considerable time savings when compared with most other waste baler types. The time to compact waste is reduced as there are no doors to open and close each time materials are deposited. The Autobaler, Automatic Baler can be loaded during any part of its cycle path. The Autobaler is equipped with an infra-red sensor eye which creates a cycle motion whenever material breaks the infra-red beam path.

Autobalers are an extremely safe machine reducing many of the common injuries associated with conventional balers such as strain injuries from pushing and forcing of materials into fixed sized areas. Many injuries also occur due to material breakdown with knives and other injury creating devices. AUTOBALER , Automatic Baler REQUIRES NO MATERIAL BREAKDOWN.

Autobalers are an extremely versatile machine being able to compact a large range of materials i.e.: paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber tyres, rags and most otherwise compactable materials. Autobalers come in a ten model capacity range from 80 to 500+ kg to best suit particular customer requirements. Autobalers are a quality machine offering unparalleled safety, amazing efficiency and huge labour savings.

Trethewey Industries have vast experience in the manufacture of quality baling machines, having produced in excess of 500 agricultural baling machines. Trethewey’s developed the Autobaler for commercial use, in particular to be used in Supermarkets and Recyclers. Trethewey Industries are situated on the New England Hwy at Deepwater NSW. Trethewey Industries location is ideal for servicing our national markets.

Trethewey Industries focus is to develop machines which totally satisfy customer requirements in performance, quality, service, economy and safety. Autobalers were developed to give the maximum efficiency and safety possible. Autobalers are designed for loose materials and are not recommended for solid materials (i.e. hard wooden or metallic objects) as these may cause machine damage. The manufacturers are happy to assess your needs and make recommendations and give assurances on the type of baler which will best suit your requirements. Autobalers are built to comply with the highest national and international standards.